Michelle Obama – The First Lady And Fashion Icon Of America

As the First Lady, all eyes were on her these past 8 years. But Michelle Obama proved to be an inspiration to fashionistas everywhere with her chic yet occasionally super affordable clothing. While she was hardly just eye-candy, Michelle’s style has given rise to contemporary power dressing. Despite who this year’s election winner will be, it seems clear that in a couple of months, America will be bidding farewell to Michelle Obama’s FLOTUS fashion. From her impressionable dress during Barrack Obama’s inauguration ceremony to the navy Versace gown she wore during his final farewell speech as president, the world has been enamored with her inspiring yet down-to-earth fashion.

In a move unlike any other First Lady before her, she invested in unspoken statements through her clothes. Michelle supported new and emerging designers and paid respects to her designers through her dress choices. Her clever use of sartorial opportunities showed itself in Michelle’s colorful and fun sense of style. She could be dressed in gorgeous fashion from Jason Wu or in more approachable daily wear from J.Crew, the world could always expect a bright and creative ensemble from her. With a few public appearances still on the agenda, there are still a couple of final opportunities left to take in the First Lady’s fashion for just a little bit longer.

With her affinity for designers everyone loves and her fearless approach to sparkle, she has captured more than a few hearts. Not only does she look effortlessly put together during State events, but manages to pull off casual clothes with an air of sophisticated cool. Michelle is hardly seen as being unafraid to take fashion risks and the world will miss that about the First Lady. Of course, there is always the possibility of Michelle continuing to maintain a high profile role as the former First Lady which means that the world’s obsession with her dresses can legitimately continue.

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How To Cope With BBC’s Sherlock Withdrawal

It is no secret that the Sherlock fandom is officially known as the ‘fandom that waits’. With years between seasons that are only 3 episodes long and teasers thrown out by the show’s writers adding fuel to the fire, it comes as no surprise when fans begins to suffer from Sherlock withdrawal halfway through the waiting period. The only way to assuage the pain is to find something to distract your attention in the meanwhile. While nothing can replace the phenomenon that has become Sherlock, it is worth digging through a similar or distinctly different TV series to pass the time more quickly.

To begin your ultimate Sherlock-less binge-fest, we recommend you begin with Luther. Fans captivated by the morbid relationship between Jim Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes will appreciate the cat-and-mouse game between John Luther, the policeman with loose morals and a bad-temper, and Alice Morgan, a psychopath. For fans who have been utterly courted by the dark side Peaky Blinders might be right up your alley with the anti-hero/villain, Tommy Shelby who is a gang leader, taking center stage in this period crime series.

A more in-depth look into the lives of detectives and a rare, accurate portrayal of a crime scene unit can be seen in the Danish series Dicte. For a milder look into the world of detective work and mystery, the Poirot series poses a more sophisticated approach, with less running around and more brain work. A more feminine approach to murder is pulled off in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, where Phryne Fisher finds herself swept away in homicidal adventures in the most stylish ways. While the series is entirely out of tune to anything remotely related to Sherlock, perhaps a good mystery with a chic woman is what people need. With the 2017 release of Sherlock still months away from broadcast, it would do the fandom some good to relax before once again facing the emotional roller coaster ride that has become Sherlock.

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