Can’t loose old marketing habits

Can’t loose old marketing habits?

Many people still stick to traditional advertising mediums rather than hiring a SEO expert to optimize their website. However, the choice of a marketing medium depens on the situation. Sometimes it’s better to use traditional marketing, in other cases SEO is a better choice, while sometimes you have to combine them to achieve the best effect. Read on to see the strengths and weaknesses of traditional marketing and

It sounds like a good exposure to pay the low price of $15 for 1000 impressions on one of the high traffic websites. It, after all, translates to 1000 people getting to view your banner. However, the main question is how many will actually click on the banner and how many actually make a purchase. The average rate of clicking through for a banner campaign comes to 0.38% so this comes to 3.8 people clicking on your advertising banner for fifteen dollars with a conversion rate of 1 to 5%. At this rate you have to spend quite a lot of cash before anybody buys from you.

Let’s talk about those stubborn popup ads that just refuse to go no matter what you do. Do you wonder whether they would give your site more exposure? That is not a good idea although a few banner sellers would cheat you that they do. It is really irritating when a banner pops and refuses to close especially when you are busy surfing and it puts most people off whatever is being advertised. Search Engine Pay Per Click

Although the internet boom is over the boom has just begun for search engines. Most famous search engines like Looksmart and Overture are now using this model. Search engine pay per click ensures that you only pay for the specific amount of clicks you get on your site instead of the amount of exposures you get. Doesn’t this sound good? Sometimes it becomes effective too because, for starters, the people who come to your link do so via a term that is relevant to your site. But it can become expensive because for example with Overture you bid on those terms you need to rank high and these bids can sometimes get high. Alternatively, Looksmart charges only $0.15 for every click- through that you get. This looks expensive too when your budget is small but if it is appealing to you get a SEO to get it done for you because it could get very expensive for competitive keywords.Conventional Media Campaigns

Posters, Newspaper advertisements, Radio and Television adverts are all forms of traditional advertising but Radio and Television ads are way too expensive for many medium sized websites. It is very important for an online firm that the magazine or newspaper reader remembers his website name after viewing the ad and as most of the experienced marketing people will tell you, you need to put an ad regularly for sometime for that to take place. That brings the cost of this effective campaign to quite a large amount.Search Engine Submissions

This entails the study of competition, keyword analysis, optimizing your website to get the chosen keywords, doing submissions to directories and search engines and doing a repeat of the whole process and submissions all over for periods of times. It sounds like a lot. How expensive is it? Finally, in the end it is cheaper compared to many of the methods discussed above, but it depends on the optimization you need. This is something you can do yourself if you have enough time.

Training somebody in house is not advisable as it is estimated that the monthly pay you give him amounts to much more than what a qualified SEO who comes with all the techniques and professional expertise would cost.

The cheap software are not ideal either because they won’t optimize the website, choose your keywords, study the traffic trends for a given period and they don’t even change with the ever changing guidelines and algorithms of the search engines.

The quality of the traffic not inferior to that generated by newspaper advertisements or banner ads either. People will have searched to get a relevant keyword to your site before making a click on you link. Therefore, contrary to common believe, the traffic generated is highly targeted.

Finally, are optimizers for Search engines expensive?  In comparison, especially, to the other kinds of marketing, it’s not expensive at all. Moreover, a reliable SEO will assist you to more sustained traffic and quality to your website than all the other mediums could ever achieve. Add commentJCommentsLatest articlesMost popular Why choose our internet marketing Agency?

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