Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services

Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services

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We know that all HVAC components are critical, especially the evaporator coil. These components allow the system’s refrigerant to evaporate, creating a cooling sensation in the home. When you invest in regularly maintaining your evaporator coils, you could be looking at several long years of your system going without a malfunction. Air conditioner Service

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What are the benefits of timely repair and replacements?

At our Air Conditioner Repair Company we help our customers schedule timely repair intervals to prolong your system’s lifespan. Evaporator coils are large and highly important components to any HVAC system, making an entire replacement or major repair a costly event. If you have a system older than 10 years, however, it’s best to replace the coils even if the repair is minimal.

Older evaporator technology isn’t as efficient as today’s components because they make the system work harder with more energy consumption. When a technician visits your home, they can go over the options you have regarding your older unit.

You may want a small repair performed now, but consider an entire replacement for the near future. The key to a long-lasting evaporator coil is consistent maintenance.What are some common problems associated with them?

Evaporator coils have three main problems associated with them.
Cracks: Evaporator coils are prone to cracking over time with neglectful maintenance. As the coils overheat, the metal expands. Hairline cracks form, and can lead to small leaks.
Rust: Rust slowly eats away at the coil, rendering it vulnerable to more cracks and damage. It’s crucial to have us evaluate your coil for possible cracking. Rust tends to develop due to age or moisture around the coils.
Moisture: Moisture can lead to rust, which can lead to leaks, so it’s important to be on the lookout for this. Inspect the coils and area beneath them. There shouldn’t be any moisture along the supportive base. If you see any, call us immediately to survey the system.How can you prevent problems in the future?
Maintenance: The best way to prevent problems is by having your system regularly maintained. Having our company evaluate your system once a year is a great option for homeowners who want to make sure that their AC lasts a long time.
Filter replacements: Between service calls, replace your filter each month with normal use. Filters stop particulates from invading the system, keeping the coil relatively clean. Try using a reusable filter that is simply rinsed every month to save money on disposables, for instance.
Vacuuming: You can also carefully vacuum your coils as far as an extension will reach. Keeping the coils free from dirt is the best way to maintain an HVAC system.
However, don’t force the vacuum adapter into any crevices. Our professionals will remove any stubborn dust. If you have any questions about your system, call us or visite
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